What is massage therapy?

Massage is a therapeutic practice involving a variety of techniques that stimulate or soothe the body’s soft tissues. Massage therapy uses hands as well as a mechanical or electrical device to knead and stroke the body’s muscles and soft tissues. Lubricating oils or lotions are also often used during massage sessions to help reduce friction, making the treatment more relaxing for the patient. Dr. Allison Zak Chiropractic offers professional massage services to patients of all ages.

How does massage therapy benefit the body and mind?

Massage therapy benefits the body by relaxing muscle tissue, enhancing blood and lymph circulation, breaking up scar tissue between muscle fibers, removing waste products, and supporting the body’s natural healing process. In terms of the mind, Massage therapy has been proven to provide relief of stress and fatigue, resulting in more energy and improved focus.



"I have had low back pain for years. I have been to several different chiropractors in the past and Dr. Zak really listened to me. She gave me exercises, stretches, and nutritional advice to do outside of her office to prevent this from happening in the future and keep me from coming back to her every week. I would recommend Dr. Zak to anyone suffering with back pain."


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